Hotel System

Thanks to the experience gained with Contatto Bus System, and under the insistence of our major customers/installers, in 2004 Foxel Electronics begins with Duemmegi the development of an "appendix" of Contatto Bus for management of hotel rooms. Thus the Hotel System was born, specifically designed for the management of hotels and residences.

This system interfaces with the proven Contatto world and it allows to integrate the many room functions (or other housing unit) with the management of common areas and of the technological devices. Each room is managed independently by its module regardless of the bus status; the connection to Contatto Bus is in fact essentially necessary only for the supervision and control of extended functions. The independent management of each room offers the advantage of ensuring operation even in case of temporary malfunction of the bus, avoiding any inconvenience to the Guests in the rooms.

In addition to the room module, the Hotel System features a "Room Panel" allowing the management of the temperature regulation in the room, an outside "Door Panel" made by a badge reader for the access control to the room and a series of signalling LEDs, a badge holder for enabling the services of the room, and a room temperature probe.