After the experience gained in the first 10 years of Contatto Bus in "building" automation systems, FOXEL Electronics and Duemmegi thought to develop a specific bus for home applications, which in subsequent years will be called "home automation". In this way Domino Bus was born, with its distributed intelligence architecture: instead of a central unit that deciding what to do, each module can be programmed to achieve the desired functions; in this way the reliability of the entire system increases because it frees itself from the central unit. The Domino Bus is based on a communication line made by 2 conductors carrying both the data and the power supply for the modules; the specific technique for 2-wire bus and the high efficiency transmission protocol are patents of Foxel Electronics.

Over the years, the Domino Bus has been subjected to many enhancements required by the market, thus becoming a complete system from all points of view, with complex features that have nothing to envy to the Contatto Bus System. The evidence is the wide number of plants made, both in home automation and now also in other applications.

The Domino Bus System can interface, through specific gateways, with the most important lighting control systems on the market (e.g. DALI and DMX).

The plants using Domino Bus can be managed by the most common SCADA softwares and by touch screen terminals, until to a complete Web-based management through the most common Tablets and Smart-Phones regardless of used operating system (iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Samsung, and many others). The plant can thus be both controlled in local mode (wired and wireless) and in remote mode via the Internet.

Domino main references are in the Home Automation applications: residential buildings, apartments, residences, as well as showrooms, shops, small shopping centers, museums.