The Contatto Bus is the first system bus designed and built by Foxel Electronics based on the experience gained by the founders for similar systems in the automotive field. Contatto Bus, marketed under the brand "Duemmegi", is a modular system allowing to handle input and output modules, both analog and digital type, interconnected by a communication cable with 4 conductors. In this way, the number of connections between the various parts of the installation can be strongly reduced and the logic operation can be defined by programming a specific controller unit (MCP XT). In addition to generic input and outputs modules, Contatto Bus includes "specialized" modules for the execution of well-defined functions, thus simplifying the programming of the controller unit.

The energy saving subject in buildings has become increasingly important both for environmental protection and because it allows a drastic reduction in operating costs. Contatto Bus system allows to realize systems matching the latest European Standards (EN15232, EN15193), national guidelines and local laws regarding energy efficiency of buildings. Contatto Bus system can interface, through appropriate gateways, to the most important lighting control systems on the market (e.g. DALI and DMX systems).

The plants using Contatto Bus can be managed by the most common SCADA softwares and by touch screen terminals, until to a complete Web-based management through the most common Tablets and Smart-Phones regardless of used operating system (iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Samsung, and many others). The plant can thus be both controlled in local mode (wired and wireless) and in remote mode via the Internet. Our main references are in the Building Automation applications: office buildings, schools, shopping centers, hospitals, cinemas, theaters, auditoriums. Moreover, Contatto Bus is applied in many civil and religious monuments: in collaboration with the competent bodies, the system has evolved with design solutions that minimize the architectural impact in this kind of applications.