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About Us

Foxel Electronics was established in the early Nineties with the commitment to provide a service to the market of custom electronic design, developing projects for third parties. In order to provide a service as complete as possible, the production was immediately joined to the design activities, using the best external assemblers. The mission of Foxel Electronics has always been the willingness to find the best solution for the needs of our Customers. The company is completely independent, both in hardware and software and engineering of products.

In the same years, Foxel Electronics established a partnership with Duemmegi company, and together we embarked on a common journey for the development and marketing of components for building automation, and later for home automation, up to the point that it can be said, without any fear of contradiction, we have been pioneers in this type of applications.

During the last few years we have entered the world of lighting by embracing the DALI-2 protocol and producing modules certified according to this standard.

After more than 30 years our HBES products, marketed under the brand Duemmegi, are among the most popular on the market of the Home & Building Automation; the plants realized using our systems have been now widely exceeded 30,000 units.

About 10 years ago we embarked on a new adventure with Sfera Labs, an innovative and dynamic company that is increasingly specializing in solutions and products for industrial and residential automation based on open, widespread and community-supported platforms, such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Pycom.

Continuous research and development work allows us to develop and design custom electronic systems using the most modern technologies available on the market.

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